Anal Symptoms

Definition This is used to describe any symptom around the anus.

The terms ‘pile, anal or perianal symptoms’ are used in this ‘Symptom Checker’ to include any of the following symptoms;

Discomfort or soreness
Lumpiness or swelling
Heavy dragging feeling

Cause Most of these symptoms – apart from prolapse – are caused by problems with the skin over the ‘anal cushions’ and around the anus splitting or becoming sore and itchy, perhaps by wiping too harshly with dry paper or because the skin becomes sensitive to material in the stools. Most of these symptoms can usually be controlled by ‘gentle cleaning’ after having your bowels open. This is outlined in ‘Treatment for Bowel Symptoms’ below. ‘Prolapse’ or ‘prolapsing piles’ are caused by enlarged ‘anal cushions’ losing their ‘moorings’ or attachments so that when you strain to open our bowels or at other times, for example lifting heavy weights, they slide out. Fortunately if the haven’t thrombosed it is very easy to push them back inside the back passage.